Payentry and MPAY, Inc.

Our company was started outside of Boston, Massachusetts in 1994 by software developers who were dedicated to creating the best payroll processing engine available in the marketplace. Fast forward a couple of decades to a company that is focused on delivering a human capital management system that provides intuitive reporting for business owners and executives, is efficient for payroll users, simplifies human resources and gives unparalleled access to important employment information directly to employees through our software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, Payentry. Our Waltham, Massachusetts team develops our proprietary software that is designed for the small to medium sized business.

Our Payentry Service Center in Huntersville, North Carolina employs team members who are dedicated to helping businesses meet the growing challenges as they navigate hiring and onboarding the next level of employees, retaining their workers through attractive benefit packages and managing risks associated with taxation, government compliance and human resources.

Our product offering is dynamic and our resources grow as the business landscape changes which makes us a great partner for any business today, tomorrow and into the future.

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