Like many successful high tech companies, MPAY was started in 1994 in a garage (well, an attic really) in Newton Lower Falls, MA by a couple of developers who wanted to build the best payroll processing system the world had ever seen. After many long days and nights of work, many meetings at the local pub, and the help of some very talented developer friends, the Millennium system was born.

Shortly after, some of the best independent payroll companies in the nation jumped onboard and started what would later be defined as the MPAY Network. We adopted our mission statement “Helping people get the most out of their workday” and focused our efforts on providing the network with the best systems and support for growing their businesses. These organizations began processing payroll for thousands of employers nationwide, forming the MPAY Community.

Since then, MPAY and the Network have focused on expanding solutions offered to employers, including time and labor management, human resources and benefits. Our vision is to build the largest network of human capital management providers in the U.S., empowering employers to focus on running a successful business.

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